The secret to a perfect cup of coffee lies in the quality of the milk used. Poor quality milk will
affect the taste, texture, and ability to create effective latte art. Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino
or flat white, Australians love a good cup of coffee and Procal Milk is the perfect choice for
baristas to make a consistently exceptional coffee.

One of the main reasons why Procal Milk is so popular among baristas is its superior frothing
capabilities. Procal milk produces an excellent quality and quantity of foam that creates a
velvety texture when steamed, resulting in an even and smooth cappuccino or latte. It’s creamy,
rich, and luxurious, making it ideal for creating latte art.

Another key factor in Procal Milk’s quality is freshness and wholesomeness. All Procal Milk is
sourced daily from the lush farmlands of Northern and Western Victoria and is packed within 24
hours of collection. Procal milk is filled with essential nutrients like calcium, protein, and
probiotics, which are all important for maintaining strong bones and a healthy body. Baristas can
rest assured that their coffee will taste good and leave their customers feeling great.

Finally, Procal Milk is known for its reliability. Procal offers a range of milk products, including
full cream, low fat, extra lite and extra frothy milk. All of these products are designed to perform
well in coffee and provide a consistent texture and taste. Baristas can use Procal Milk with
confidence, knowing that it will deliver great results every time.

Your favourite local cafe might already be using our high-quality milks for your daily cup of
goodness. Find our authentic range in your neighbourhood Woolworths or Coles and pick some
to take home and try out for yourself. If you want to stock Procal Milk in your café, email



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