If you’re a café or restaurant owner or hospitality partner, you’ve probably spoken to our sales team. They’re the people that help get our products to you so you can serve the freshest quality produce to your customers. We did a little Q+A with the Procal Sydney and Victorian sales teams to learn a bit more about them, and what makes them so special! Meet Harry, Jim, Gabby, Samantha, Nick N, Nick K and Eve.


Q1. What’s your role at Procal?


Harry: I work as a Sales Rep.

Jim: Business Development Manager (BDM).

Gabby: My role at Procal is Business Development Manager. I work on securing new business in the café, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and corporate sectors. I also supply to many of the major events in Melbourne including Grand Prix, Spring Racing Carnival, Moomba, Avalon Air show and I was supposed to supply to the Australian Open before we went into lockdown. I coordinate and run all the trade shows for Procal as well.

Samantha: I work on the road with the sales team in helping maintain customer relationships and bring new business into Procal. I also help support the team with any Admin support they may need.

Nick N: National Business Manager.

Nick K: NSW State Manager.

Eve: National Sales and Marketing Manager.

Emanuel: Sales Representative


Q2. How long have you been at Procal?


Harry: 5 years.

Jim: 6 years.

Gabby: In August I have been with Procal for 7 years.

Samantha: Since June 2018.

Nick N: 11 years.

Nick K: 10 years and 10 months.

Eve: 8 years.

Emanuel: I’ve been working at Procal for 3 years


Q3.  What is your favourite Procal product and why?   


Harry: Greek Authentic Yoghurt (texture, flavour, thickness and taste is above any other Greek yoghurt on the market).

Jim: Greek yoghurt- because it’s so authentic.

Gabby: Our Authentic Greek Yoghurt. It is the best yoghurt on the market (Literally!) and I love to make homemade tzatziki with it.

Samantha: Our Greek yoghurt – It is delicious! Particularly with strawberries honey and granola. I actually never liked Greek yoghurt until I started working here and tried Procal Greek Yoghurt. Between my dad and I, we could polish off a whole 900g Tub in one sitting.

Nick N: Greek Yoghurt tastes fantastic and is so versatile.

Nick K: Our Greek yoghurt of course! It’s the real deal!

Eve: My favourite is our Greek Yoghurt – It’s so authentic when I eat it, It transports me back to Greece.

Emanuel: My favourite product is our Greek yoghurt, because of its unmatched quality and taste.


Q4.  Any favourite recipes to make using Procal?


Harry: Tzatziki Using our Greek yoghurt.

Jim: Tzatziki.

Gabby: Our Authentic Greek Yoghurt. It is the best yoghurt on the market (literally!) and I love to make homemade tzatziki with it.

Samantha: Does Strawberry and honey granola count?  Our Greek Yoghurt also makes a mean tzatziki.

Nick N: Fruit Smoothies.

Nick K: Tzatziki made with our Procal Greek yoghurt.

Eve: A dollop of Greek yoghurt coated in Cinnamon and Walnuts with a substantial drizzle of honey.

Emanuel: Favourite recipe is Tzatziki (don’t need to strain).

Want to try our famous tzatziki recipe for yourself? Find it here!


Q5. What’s your go-to coffee order?     


Harry: Love coffee, need it every day! An almond latte is a must.

Jim: Small flat white for me.

Gabby: I don’t drink coffee, but my go-to is a green tea!

Samantha: Strong latte ¾ full.

Nick N: Latte.

Nick K: Espresso.

Eve: ¾ Latte or a Magic.

Emanuel: Macchiato.


Q6. Favourite Greek dish to eat?


Harry: LAMB, grilled!

Jim: Fish soup.

Gabby: Cypriot Keftedes (Meatballs)

Samantha: Impossible to pick between Gyro Souvlaki, Galaktoboureko and Moussaka.

Nick N: Souvlaki.

Nick K: Lahanodolmades, which are Greek cabbage rolls.

Eve: Pastitsio and galaktoboureko.

Emanuel: Greek dish Roast lamb shoulder with potatoes.


Q7. Do you prefer sweet or savoury?


Harry:  Sweets.

Jim: Savoury.

Gabby: Savoury.

Samantha: Sweet 🙂

Nick N: Savoury.

Nick K: Savoury.

Eve: Both!

Emanuel: Both.



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