Procal is renowned for creating exceptional Australian-made dairy products due to the work of our devoted farmers who employ the highest conditions of animal welfare. Our dairy farms are located in the heart of Northern Victoria, where our meticulous supply chain begins. From our farms, milk is collected daily and then delivered straight to our production facilities where it is turned into the the products we all know and love, including our Authentic Greek Yoghurt, Sour Cream and our wide range of milk products. 


Procal uses modern production technologies to streamline our operations and further increase efficiency amongst all our warehouses and distribution centres. Our dairy is rigorously prepared to ensure each product is of the highest quality for your business. All milk products are bottled at least 24 hours after initial collection to ensure maximum taste and condition. Our dedicated delivery team then couriers Procal produce from our distribution centre while still fresh, and transports it straight to your business’s door.


Procal supplies to a wide range of businesses, with each distributor supported by our customer support team who ensure all communication with us is efficient. We understand the importance of punctuality, and will always respect the time and needs of each individual consumer. 


Unlike most dairy brands, Procal’s products are made to benefit both businesses and consumers alike. For instance, our milk is made especially for frothing to ensure the perfect consistency and flavour every time. Plus, baristas can rely on Procal’s creamy milk to create beautiful latte art. Additionally, customers can enjoy rich and tasteful coffee made with 100% Australian dairy. 


As a family-owned business, we always strive to achieve maximum quality in our products but dependability of service is also integral to our company ethos. With our efficient and reliable supply chain, Procal Dairies is the perfect supplier for all your business’ needs. 

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