Being a 100% family-owned business with a Greek-Australian heritage, we are proudly celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter (Orthodox Easter). Although sometimes the dates for the two Easter traditions fall on the same day, this year Orthodox Easter is later because it follows the Julian calendar and not the Gregorian.

While every region has its own ways of celebrating Orthodox Easter, food always plays the starring role. Here, we show you the Procal way.

It wouldn’t be truly Orthodox Easter for us without serving several delicious dishes – all leading up to the big feast on Easter Sunday. And what better way to immerse in the festivities than by sharing plates with your family? We like to prepare a special course passed down from generation to generation.


       1.Try Tsoureki

This type of traditional sweet bread is an Easter treat commonly made on Holy Thursday. Often presented as a big braid with a tasty soft crust, the inside is fluffy and stringy. Enjoy it plain or match it with a glass of our Procal milk for the extra creamy touch.


       2.Crack red eggs

Unlike traditional Australian easter eggs, during Orthodox Easter boiled eggs are painted in plain red. Pick a few and challenge your family to a cracking game. Everyone gets to crack an egg with one another and the person with the strongest uncracked eggshell wins – symbolising good luck for the next year!


       3.Share magiritsa soup

Sunday is the highlight of the Orthodox Easter celebrations, and we start by serving appetisers such as traditional tzatziki or roasted carrots with greek yoghurt. Then to the main: the hearty magiritsa soup – also known as mayiritsa – is rich in herbs and strong flavours. We traditionally like to indulge in this meal during midnight, leaving us full and warm.


Whichever way you celebrate Easter, why not try our Procal traditions for a touch of Greece. Let your taste buds be inspired by   – also great beyond the holiday season!


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