Procal Dairies is a true partner in your business. Whether you own a café, restaurant or local supermarket, we believe that quality service and a commitment to providing the best quality dairy to your customers matter the most. 


Here are four reasons why Procal can be a true partner in your success story. 



1. Our customer service difference


Procal operates a full-service distribution network. This means that we have direct ownership of the process from dairy farms through to delivery. Our distributors are supported by a  customer-service-driven team. 


We have 44 highly motivated drivers across Victoria and New South Wales who aim to deliver products to your door on time and with a smile on their face.  When you rely on Procal for your deliveries, you can count on fresh, delicious milk every time. 


Aisha from Black Gold Café loves the service we provide. “Procal drivers are always there when we need them and if we’ve ever forgotten a delivery they’re here within a couple of hours”, she says. 



2. Procal is Australian owned and operated 


We are 100% Aussie owned and operated, and proud of it! As one of the largest (and last) independent dairy companies in Australia, you can trust that you’re keeping profits within the Australian economy. 



3. We support Australian farmers 


Our farmers are an integral part of the Procal business, and we are exceptionally proud to support the Australian Dairy Industry. We foster long-term partnerships and work closely to maintain strong relationships with our farmers, many of whom are third-generation dairy farmers. Milk is collected daily from farms across Victoria and delivered fresh to our state-of-the-art production facility. By choosing Procal, you’re also supporting local. 



4. Our commitment to the environment 


We’re serious about sustainability and minimising our environmental impact in everything we do. We operate a strict in-house recycling program to reduce the amount of waste we contribute to landfill. 


We give our distributors the opportunity to reduce their landfill by offering a back-to-base recycling program. This means you can return used bottles via our distribution network. In 2022, the success of this program enabled us to recycle approximately 9 tonnes of packaging per week. 

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