As 100% Australian and family-owned business, Procal has a strong commitment to our farmers both now and into the future


Victoria is the undisputed home of the Australian Dairy Industry producing 65% of all of Australia’s milk and boasting 4,500 of Australia’s 6,770 registered dairy farms. Procal, based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne is uniquely placed, being only hours away from a range of premium farming districts. Due to this, Procal is able to source the highest quality, pasture-fed fresh milk from farms using the latest farming techniques and adhering to the highest standards of animal husbandry and welfare.

From high quality milk comes high quality product. Procal’s award winning range of fresh milk, yoghurts, creams and sour creams are consistently recognized in the Dairy Industry Association Awards (DIAA) as well as many other industry forums. Receiving gold medals in nearly every category we have entered products. Including the top scoring milk, and the top scoring yoghurt in Victoria.


Our farmers are an integral component of the Procal business and we are exceptionally proud of our support to the Australian Dairy Industry. We foster long term partnerships with our farmers and work closely to maintain strong relationships and provide ongoing support to our farmers, most of which are family-run  second and third generation dairy farmers. Milk is collected daily and delivered fresh to our state of the art production facility to be processed into a range of quality dairy products.