One of the largest independent dairy companies in Australia, we supply fresh milk and yoghurt products to local and overseas markets


Drawing inspiration for innovation globally, providing our customers function and value with every product creation. Our ongoing commitment to the long term welfare of our farmers, employees and a sustainable environment, ensures consumer confidence in our brand as we remain proudly 100% Australian family owned and operated.


Procal is an independent dairy manufacturing and distribution company owned by the Thyssen family, who, after selling the market leading juice manufacturing business The Original Juice Co to Golden Circle in 2002, turned their talents to the dairy industry and formed Procal Dairies in 2003.

After the deregulation of the dairy industry, CEO Adam Thyssen together with his father Nick, secured a deal with dairy giant Murray Goulburn to contract pack Procal branded milk. Success and growth came quickly. In order to keep up with demand for product and innovation, a 4,000m2 state of the
art factory was built in Campbellfield in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

When commissioned in 2008, the new facility represented the most advanced fresh dairy processing plant in Australia. With an annual processing capacity of approximately 120 million litres, the plant incorporates some of the most modern techniques available, minimising usage of resources such as water, gas and electricity while enabling a fully integrated recycling system to be implemented.

Today this facility is considered a benchmark process plant for quality and flexibility. The site incorporates a large refrigerated storage and distribution centre which is complimented by a second DC in Sydney.


Our recycling program at Procal is integral to our goal of minimising our environmental impact. Procal sources our milk from farms located among the clean green fields of country Victoria. Our cows graze on the lush pastures, fed by rich soils and abundant rainfall

Conscious of our environmental footprint, Procal strives to minimise the environmental impact of everything we do. We operate a strict in house recycling program, substantially reducing the amount of waste we contribute to landfill.

In addition, Procal Dairies introduced Australia’s first back to base recycling program, comprising our wholesale customers returning their used bottles via our distribution network. The success of this program has enabled Procal to collect and recycle approximately 40% of all the bottles we sell


If you would like us to collect your empty bottles call 

1300 776 225 or email recycle@procal.com.au

(Wholesale customers only)



Our dedicated and hardworking logistics team is there to meet the needs of our customers every time. From the planning stages right through to the despatch & distribution, our core principles are followed through to ensure service excellence.


The Procal Operations Team boasts significant industry experience and intricate knowledge of operations within the dairy industry. By engaging our team via multiple levels of expertise, processes and communication, we ensure that every facet of Procal Operations are in line with our business strategies, commitment to the environment and continued manufacture of high quality and award winning products.


The Procal admin team is made up of an eclectic group of passionate and service-orientated personnel ensuring your contact with the business is always professional and friendly.


Procal Dairies is amongst the most modern progressive dairies in Australia. We are constantly investing in new technology to enable us to stay at the forefront of the industry. A strict food safety program and world standard testing procedures ensures Procal continues to produce safe products of the highest quality. In keeping with our overall business philosophy, we continually monitor and assess all our systems through a rigorous audit system comprising both internal and independent external quality audits.


The Sales team at Procal Dairies are a passionate group of devoted and professional individuals. Collectively they bring a range of experience to the business including cafe culture, foodservice, industrial and commercial. A genuinely driven team with an unmatched commitment to customer service.


An extensive and  regularly scheduled maintenance program ensures that our machines and equipment are always working at their optimum performance levels.

Our highly specialised maintenance and engineering team at Procal, maintain our state of the art facility and equipment, adhering to all OH & S regulations and our safety first approach.


Quality is central to our culture and to our products thus Procal’s commitment to ensure excellence in recruitment and placement. The Procal Production team comprises highly qualified and experienced staff specialising within the Dairy Industry.



Procal Dairies operates a full service distribution network. Unique to the dairy industry, this makes Procal the only fully vertically integrated dairy in Australia. Maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction is a core principle of the Procal business.